2022 Sponsors

Superior Float Tanks

Float Tank Manufacturer

Superior Float Tanks is the industry’s top manufacturer of therapeutic floatation tanks and floatation tank equipment. We provide float suites/rooms, pods, float tank filtration systems, full assembly and technical services to companies, facilities, and individuals.


Empowering the global float community

The FTA’s mission is to serve the world-wide floating community by promoting the profound benefits of floating, increasing the use of floatation tanks, and encouraging the growth of the floating industry.

Drift Pods & Services: Authorized Distributor for Float Spa

Lead with Luxury

Drift Pods & Services is an all encompassing, one stop shop for opening a high end spa, centered around flotation therapy. As the Authorized US Distributor for Float Spa, we handle everything from picking the right location to making it drip in luxury.

roXiva Innovations

Instant State Change for Powerful Customer Outcomes

Visual and Audio entrainment technology using flickering light and choreographed sound creates never before possible immersive experiences. Come see the latest generation of pyschedelic light technology.


Float Center Marketing

Stunning, Cinematic, Videos For Float Center Owners....

Lucia N°03

Floating's best friend - highest quality light system in the world

Lucia N°03 is the original solid and flickering light device developed by clinical neurologist Dr. Dirk Proeckl and psychologist Dr. Engleburt Winkler. By gently entraining the brain, the Lucia N°03 stimulates the pineal gland, visual cortex and central brain, opening up a beautiful space for visionary exploration, deep relaxation and connecting to your inner light.

Aqua Spa Float Center

Rest. Relax. Rejuvenate.

Our vision is to nurture and enhance wellness, balance and harmony through a multi-modality-centered facility. We aspire to empower sustained, positive change, well-being, and self-awareness; and educate to the benefits of natural health, holistic wellness, and life balance.


Performance · Wellness · Recovery

We've been designing and manufacturing float tanks for over a decade. We create amazing products for athletic recovery, wellness, and relaxation.

Floatation Locations

Find Where to Float

Floatation Locations provides an up-to-date, International, directory of float tank therapy locations. We help you find where to float near you and get deals on floating in your area.

Love the Float

Sharing the Love of the Float

A website community to share and advocate the love of floating from the perspective of an avid floater. Hosted by Brian Kroll; an avid floater from Portland, Oregon who uses floating for physical relief from chronic health conditions and past Float Conference speaker.


Cold Plunge Manufacturer

Our mission is to deliver stunning, easy to use, reliable cold plunges to the world at affordable prices.

Float Tank Solutions

Float Center Consulting

Everything you need to know about opening and maintaining a float center


Makers of the ReVibe G Chair and ReVibe G mini

The ReVibe G Chair by THETAcoustics will transport you into an Alpha or Theta state bringing about
“The Relaxation Effect”.

Float Research Collective

Float Research Collective

Uniting Float Centers for Large Scale Research

Rising Tide Advertising

Float Center Marketing

Educating The World About The Benefits Of Float Therapy

Better Bath Better Body

Bulk Epsom Salt

"Bulk epsom salt plus great service you'll love!"


Self-development tools for modern-day survival

A wellness brand offering a guided journal, virtual workshops, 1:1 intensives and more. Their passion is guiding those who don’t know where to begin in their journey to the version of them they’re proud to show up as.

Karma Rub

Absorb The Benefits

Karma Rub is a liquid magnesium taken from our natural aqueduct in Australia. With high concentrations of naturally occurring magnesium and trace elements, our products are designed to be applied directly to the skin, so it can go straight to where it is needed.

Samuel Whiting

Samuel Whiting

Delivering an Extraordinary Approach to Health and Wellness

Salt Therapy Association

Educational Trade Association

The Salt Therapy Association is the educational trade association for the salt therapy industry.


Software for Appointments & Business Management

Appointment scheduling, point-of-sale, staff management, marketing automation, and a whole lot more.

Mindfull Solutions

Social media, animated videos, and more!

Simply, we help the people who help people. We specialize in social media, animated videos, print marketing, websites, and training solutions for float and wellness centers.


FDA cleared treatment for muscle and joint pain

NovoTHOR photobiomodulation is an FDA cleared drug-free treatment for muscle and joint pain. Patients report that a NovoTHOR session is soothing, relaxing, and improves their sleep.

Jason Bryan Contracting

Float Center Construction Consultant

Providing guidance to bring your float spa plans to perfect fruition.

Halotherapy Solutions

Halotherapy Solutions

The only company who offers the 2 Best Selling products: Salt Therapy with Infrared & Salt Therapy with Red Light


Texting Made Simple

Flext is a SMS messaging tool for float centers with the ability to improve customer satisfaction, online reviews, and resolve complaints quickly and efficiently. From bulk messaging to direct client interaction, Flext integrates with booking software to create an automated messaging system that communicates immediately with guests after their floats, leading to increased reviews and quickly catching and resolving issues.


Waterproof Speakers & Audio Transducers

PQN Audio speakers are designed to withstand not only outdoor conditions but also the spa and hot tub environment.

Art of the Float

Where Float Centers Thrive

Art of the float offers a free podcast specifically for float center owners as well as offers digital and physical media for float centers marketing and resale.

Studio Shappy

Portland, Maine Artist

Studio Shappy is an independent, multifaceted producer of art objects, illustrations, graphics and more founded and operated by visual artist Carter Shappy.

Float Conference

Conference Organizer

An annual gathering for the float industry filled with education, networking, and fun!