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Texting Made Simple


Conference Contact: 

Dan Jenkins


As a SMS platform, Flext offers multiple features that allow you to communicate with your customers, follow up, notify of events and specials, as well as survey or poll to get feedback on new service offerings/ideas. With rates as low as 2.5 cents per message, Flext is competitively priced below other platforms, with full reporting capabilities on campaigns to understand how the campaign went and track ROI. Flext integrates with any booking software that offers an API access to automate communication with guests after their services at your center. Guests are asked to rate their experience and leave a review. Flext will divert the guest based on their rating. If a customer is happy, they are offered to return, and if they are not satisfied, they are asked to allow the center to reach out to discuss their experience. On the backend- Flext sends out alerts via text or email to Owners and/or Managers of the center about any unsatisfied customer, allowing the center to quickly address and resolve any issues.

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