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Jason Bryan


About J.B.

My name is Jason Bryan, and I have been a general contractor for over 17 years. Before specializing in float centers, I worked on both residential and commercial projects, especially those with special needs and odd demands. My favorite projects were those that called for the application of my plumbing experience. Having a diverse background and spending years dealing with many trades—along with all steps of the plan-design-build project pipeline—have given me a vast understanding of the components of commercial construction and float centers specifically.

I was approached to build my first float center in 2015 and my second center a couple years after. I have installed and serviced pools at float spas throughout the country as well as those I’ve built. My personal journey with floating has informed and enhanced my professional journey.

I floated for my first time back around 2010. As an aspiring meditator at the time, it was an experience unlike anything I had ever known. It was an environment unlike any other on the outside. I was bewildered and intrigued. It may not have been a “meeting with God” experience for me at first but it was certainly something I wanted to get to know on a more intimate level, and I never looked back. Fast forward 11 years: I’ve spent thousands of hours related to floating, whether building float centers, maintaining their equipment, or in a pool myself. It has been a long and educational journey and one that I’m excited and passionate about continuing down.