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Cold Plunge Manufacturer


Conference Contact: 

Samantha Lane

(916) 758-6920

Our Story

Plunge was born out of optimistic vision during a challenging time. In March 2020, COVID-19 shut down Michael's float spas and with his newly found free time, he looked at the cold plunges on the market and found them shockingly expensive. Enlisting the help of his dad, they were determined to create a more affordable option. After countless iterations and improvements, the Plunge was born. A friendship turned into a powerful partnership when Ryan Duey came on board. Michael and Ryan have a common passion for cold plunging, floating, and building win-win relationships. After building the first 20 Plunges out of Michael's garage, they have since opened a factory in Sacramento and are sending Plunges all over the world!

Choose Your Plunge

Whether you want a larger plunge, have the ability to transform your cold plunge into a hot tub, or have 1HP cooling power, we have a model that's right for you.

For those in Portland: Click here to schedule your cold plunge appointment at the conference!

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