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Waterproof Speakers & Audio Transducers


Conference Contact: 

(805) 794-6475

Our Passion

At PQN Audio, we understand that whether enjoying a relaxing Spa or cruising in your Houseboat or camping in your favorite RV or playing the upper nine in your favorite golf car, there is nothing that brings more comfort to you and your environment than the sounds of your favorite music. PQN Audio understands that not all audio speakers are created equal. PQN Audio speakers are designed to withstand not only outdoor conditions but also the spa and hot tub environment. At PQN Enterprises, Inc we strive to build performance, quality and innovative designs into products you can trust for years of enjoyment. From Classic Rock to Classical to Country, listen to all of your favorites on our quality outdoor audio products. If they don't sound good, they're not from PQN Audio.

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