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Studio Shappy

Portland, Maine Artist

Studio Shappy

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Carter Shappy

Carter Shappy is a visual artist, printmaker, designer, illustrator, fabricator, art technician and founder of Studio Shappy, an independent, multifaceted producer of art objects, illustrations, graphics and more. He received a BFA from the Maine College of Art and has collaborated and exhibited throughout Maine, including at the Portland Museum of Art, Maine College of Art, T.D. Bank, Portland Public Library, Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, Foam Brewers, Austin Street Brewery, RWS Art Studios, Norway Savings Bank, Greenhut Galleries, Space Gallery, Gulf of Maine ECOARTS and more. His work seeks to offer a reevaluation of the peripheral or commonplace through his embellishment and transformation of the otherwise-mundane elements in our lives.

Instagram @cartershappy

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