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Makers of the ReVibe G Chair and ReVibe G mini


Conference Contact: 

Dr. Branan Dewees

(727) 314-7764

ReVibe GTM and ReVibe G miniTM

For just 10-20 minutes, users emerge feeling rejuvenated as if they had slept for several hours. They report feeling more alert, level-headed, and ready to face the balance of the day with creativity, purpose, and passion. The ReVibe G Chair™ is used by Corporations, Chiropractors, Universities, Float Spas, and even children with sensory issues.

Revibe G Chair

  • Mat with THETAcoustics 4 zones of vibration

  • Grounding stripe down center of upper chair

  • Grounding cervical support pillow

  • Groundingcord and plug

  • 100 watt amplifier

  • Headphone hook

  • Side tray

  • Quality zero gravity chair Cords to attach electronics

Revibe G Mini

  • Cushion with THETAcoustics

  • Grounded pillow

  • Grounding cord and plug

  • Amplifier

  • Cordes to attach electronics

  • Carrying case

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