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Conference Contact: 

Ziv Glikman

(603) 550-6366

We are an International manufacturing Company with distribution facilities in Salt Lake City, Utah as well as Sydney, Australia and Asia pacific. We are one of the few manufacturers in the world that produce luxurious, fully automated, floatation pods for commercial and home use, as well as ice baths & magnesium soaking baths. We've spent the past thirteen years developing our Dreampod product line. We believe these are the best pods money can buy. On top of having our own manufacturing facilities, we also pride ourselves on our customer service. Our support team is located around the world and has a combined total of 30 years of expertise in the business. No matter where you are, support is available in a timely manner.

We are constantly striving to enhance our pricing, services, and product development. We focus on creating new, unique, and innovative products that have little to no competition in their respective niches. This is why we continuously develop our line of commercial and home-based float pods and ice baths.

Dreampod Home Pro Flex:

The Dreampod Home Pro Flex is an innovative float tank designed for home use, incorporating advanced PVC-inflatable technology and supreme float pod hardware.

Dreampod Home Pro:

Our Home Pro is one of a kind. There's no other "at home" float pod like it on the market today. It's got all the looks and functionality of our full size commercial pods, at a fraction of the cost.

Dreampod Sport:

The Sport has everything you need to get started with a business, or for a luxurious home use. It’s compact, but comfortable and capable of floating someone 7 feet tall.

Dreampod Flagship V2:

This is our Flagship, and one of the most popular commercial-grade float tanks in the industry. The V2 is the perfect float tank to add to your wellness business.

Dreampod Vmax:

The largest pod in the market, offering about 16% more float space than any standard size pod. With an internal space large enough to float 2 people, clients can potentially double their business volume per float session.

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