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Empowering the Global Float Community


Conference Contact: 

Alex Seidl

The mission of the FTA is serve the world-wide floating community by promoting the profound benefits of floating, increasing the use of floatation tanks, and encouraging the growth of the floating industry. We establish standards and best practices that assure a safe, consistent, and effective experience for the floating public.

As the float industry continues to grow, information, education, guidance and resources are vital. We work with float centers, float tank manufacturers, researchers, regulatory agencies, and the public to ensure these needs are met. With combined decades of experience working in this industry from all angles, we have a comprehensive understanding of the challenges inherent in making floating commercially viable. We are committed and qualified to represent the best interests of the global float industry.

Our members are proud to show their commitment to the growth of the float industry as a whole by abiding by the FTA's published Float Tank Standards. Additionally, through their membership fees, they help the industry at large contribute financially to further education of the public regarding the benefits of float therapy and continuing research to provide the data and science behind those benefits. Our organization couldn't do what it does without their support, connection, and contribution to the greater effort. Our present Board of Directors is completely volunteer, allowing us to ensure that the money we receive supports this vision and mission.

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