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Jason Bryan Contracting

Building a float center can be scary but it doesn’t have to be!

Jason Bryan Contracting

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Jason Bryan

(414) 759-4134

What is a float center? Have you heard this from your architect, engineers, designers, suppliers and contractors?

Don’t worry, this is the norm for anyone starting and building a float center. Because we fall in such a niche and up and coming industry, it’s almost unheard of that new float center owners encounter any professionals during the process of their build out that have even heard of float centers let alone been involved in a float center build out. This can make for quite the intimidating process. With literally hundreds of decisions to be made, and most often very little understanding of the why for all of those decisions and what risks and benefits they pose, it can be a bit nerve racking to the average person. Understanding how these decisions can and will affect final product regarding the longevity and maintenance of your centers, efficiency of staff as well as, and most importantly, the floater experience is critical. I can help avoid many of the pitfalls that can lead to COSTLY mistakes, and more importantly I can speak the construction language and bridge the cap throughout the entire process between you and your architect, mechanical engineers and contractors and ensure that they grasp what’s important and understand how to execute the needs of a float center.

My name is Jason Bryan, and I have been a general contractor for over 17 years. Before specializing in float centers, I worked on both residential and commercial projects, especially those with special needs and odd demands. Having a diverse background and spending years dealing with many trades—and all steps of the plan-design-build project pipeline—have given me a vast understanding of the components of commercial construction and float centers specifically.

I was approached to build my first float center in 2015 and my second center a couple years after. I have installed and serviced pools at float spas throughout the country as well as those I’ve built.

My personal journey with floating has informed and enhanced my professional journey.

I floated for my first time back around 2010. As an aspiring meditator at the time, it was an experience unlike anything I had ever known. It was an environment unlike any other on the outside. I was bewildered and intrigued. It may not have been a “meeting with God” experience for me at first but it was certainly something I wanted to get to know on a more intimate level, and I never looked back. Fast forward 12 years: I’ve logged thousands of hours related to floating between building float centers, consulting on both existing centers and buildouts of new centers, maintaining centers and their equipment, installing float pools or in a pool myself. I’ve had the benefit of being able to see how materials perform from the perspective of a contractor working on centers as well as from the the perspective of a floater who wants the the highest quality of float possible. It has been a long and educational journey and one that I’m excited and passionate about continuing down.

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