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More Floats

Marketing for Float Centers

More Floats

Conference Contact: 

Bryce Evans

Dedicated partners in growing your float center — say goodbye to stress, we’ve got you covered

We bring nearly a decade of industry expertise to launch or grow your float center so you can be at ease and serve your community at a higher level. Our team covers all of your marketing and levels up your sales so you are able to focus on what you do best.

Interesting Facts about More Floats:
  1. We have racked up over 400 hours of personal experience floating over more than a decade, with floats in places like Mexico, Thailand and across Canada and the U.S.

  2. Our initial work with Float House (pre-More Floats) led to launching a campaign we planned for their center as an industry-wide initiative called #WhyWeFloat.

  3. Bryce has had several float marathons in his life, floating more than 14 times in a row and it's a practice he tries to keep up at least once a year.


Get 100 members before you open with our launch plan

We're talking paid members, all signed up and ready to go before they've even come in for a float. This isn't hypothetical... we've done it (and doubled it) many times before.

Come say hi at our booth or around the conference!

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