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roXiva Innovations

Instant State Change for Powerful Customer Outcomes

roXiva Innovations

Conference Contact: 

Raffaele Gianfrancesco

(401) 282-0230

Using flickering white light combined with sound, the roXiva RX1 will effortlessly guide your clients into deeply relaxing or profoundly inspiring states of mind consistently and reliably. It does this using a natural ability of the brain called the Frequency Following Response.

From a comfortable position in a reclining chair or lying down, select the RX1 session, put on the headphones, have your clients close their eyes, and allow the deeply immersive journey to begin. The RX1 controls its flickering light and sound to steadily guide your client into an altered state. They may feel like they were gone for just a moment, or maybe an eternity. Either way the effects are profound.

Our users share many wonderful experiences and report benefits including relief from anxiety, improved sleep and creativity, emotional release and eureka moments to name a few. And of course, powerful drug free psychedelic experiences that are literally out of this world. This isn’t a toy., this is a tool for ongoing life transformation.


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