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Royal Spa

Float Tank Manufacturer

Royal Spa

Conference Contact: 

Bob Dapper

Our float tanks are engineered and designed for the optimal float environment, whether at home or your float center.

  • extremely quiet

  • superior air quality

  • effective and efficient purification system

  • easy to clean

  • low cost maintenance

  • energy efficient

  • durable (magnesium sulfate solution destroys everything)

Royal Spa® Float Pod®

Our Royal Spa® Float Pod® is our most well-known float tank style. The iconic bean shape is aesthetically pleasing while maximizing headroom and eliminating any possibility of being dripped on by condensation. Our float pod comes in three models – Commercial, Clinical, and Residential – and can be found in commercial facilities, private clinics and homes all over North America, Oceania, Europe, and Asia. We’ve manufactured more of just this style float tank than all other float tank manufacturers.

Royal Spa® Float Pools & Float Rooms

Open design is becoming very popular. Our open float tank, sometimes called a float pool, is perfect for a creating a custom float room.Like our float pods, our float pool also come in separate Commercial, Clinical, and Residential versions.In addition, our float pools come in two sizes – large and extra-large – and both model sizes cost exactly the same.

Royal Spa® Personal Float Tank

This is the float tank the designer has at his own home. As with our other float tank designs, the Royal Spa® Personal Float Tank comes in multiple sizes.Enjoy all the benefits of floating in the convenience of your own home at an economical price. People who suffer from claustrophobia love the Personal Float Tank!

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