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Whole-body Red Light Therapy


Conference Contact: 

Mark Granic

(877) 355-3151

NovoTHOR is a medical device delivering red and near-infrared light therapy for muscle and joint pain; it helps improve strength, endurance and recovery in athletes. Clients also report that a NovoTHOR session is soothing, relaxing, and improved sleep. NovoTHOR is used by many NFL, NHL, MLB, MSL, NBA teams, Navy seals and Special Forces.

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Choosing NovoTHOR

Dr Wilding

Recovery, training and the Olympic trials with NovoTHOR

Star Athletics

Ann Busby Fibromyalgia interview Ann Busby had lived most of her adult life in pain and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia back in 2001.

Building NovoTHOR Making NovoTHOR in the USA

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