People with Masks



Or as we like to call it, The Jello Policy....

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It's been a wild year.

We know that many float centers and small businesses are struggling this year. We've also been delighted to celebrate the successes of those whose businesses have been booming this year. And while we're optimistic about getting together this August, we're also cautious and mindful about how we do it, and how uncertain things really are in the grand scheme of it all.

Just like Jello, we want to be transparent with you, as we all wiggle and shake through it together.

COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Mask Policy

UPDATED 8/5/21: Current CDC Guidelines state that vaccinated individuals are not required to wear masks. However, with the latest trends showing increases in transmission due to the Delta variant, we encourage all attendees to wear masks and will provide them at the event.

Social Distancing

We are continuing to monitor guidelines for social distancing and will ensure our meeting spaces meet local and national recommendations. 

We will also provide a visual indicator for attendees to express their preferences in regards to distancing.



Our venue, the Wisconsin Center, offers all of the expected cleaning and sanitation procedures in place. You can see their policies here. The Float Conference team will also ensure we are following recommended guidelines throughout the event. 

Policies and Frequently Asked Questions

I would really like to attend in-person, but am unsure of travel allowances in my region. What if I need to cancel?

We understand completely. We would love for you to attend, but know that this pandemic is ever-evolving. If you purchase an in-person ticket, but are unable to attend due to travel restrictions or exposure to COVID-19, we are happy to change your ticket to a virtual attendee experience and refund the difference, or if necessary, we will refund your ticket. (We may deduct a small processing fee to cover any fees we incur in order to do so.)

What is the COVID-19 environment like in Milwaukee?

As of mid-May 2021, Milwaukee is not considered a "hot spot", and the overall number of COVID-19 cases is low, and vaccination rates are climbing. We will continue to monitor the situation and adjust as necessary. Please refer to the Milwaukee County COVID Dashboard for updated information.

I purchased a virtual ticket but would like to attend in-person. Can I swap?

We would absolutely love to have you! Just send an email to, and we'll look up your ticket information. We can upgrade you to the in-person experience and we'll ask you to submit payment for the difference in ticket prices at the time you purchased, so if you purchased an earlier, discounted virtual ticket, we'll extend the discounted in-person rate to you.

What if we see a sudden increase in cases across the country?

If that happens, and large gatherings are not safe, we'll flip it all and go virtual again. Our 2020 Virtual Float Conference was a great success, so we can use what we learned from that experience to make 2021 even better! We're already planning a virtual component this year, so we're well-positioned to carry on. We'll just refund the difference in ticket prices if you'd like to attend virtually, or we'll refund it entirely if you aren't able to attend online.