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What to Expect


The 2024 Float Conference will be another hybrid event, with options to meet in person or online. 


Speakers and Activities


Knowledgeable Speakers

We have lots of incredible speakers, including international speakers, lined up to share float research, business info, marketing tactics, and sanitation advice.

You'll have a chance to listen, chat with fellow attendees, and ask questions, whether you attend in person or virtually.

Sessions will be recorded and available watch after the conference.


Optional Workshops

Before the Main Float Conference begins, you can register to attend a Start A Center Workshop or CPO Certification Class, or a new Marketing and Management workshop to learn all about operating a commercial float center.


Impactful Workshops

In-person attendees will have the opportunity to join in smaller group workshops to discuss business logistics, float center basics, marketing strategies, sanitation requirements, and more.

These workshops will allow greater discussion of specific issues and in some cases, hands-on application of the information shared. 

bus tour 2.jpeg

Bus Tour

One of our most popular events is our local Float Center Bus Tour. 

Not only is it incredibly fun to hang out with other floaty people, you get to see all of the different vibes of float centers in the region.


Organic Conversation

One of the best parts of the Float Conference is the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, that own a business like you! Each year, we hear tons of stories of attendees trading ideas - whether it be at lunch, in the elevator, or over a beer between activities. 

Attendees will be able to chat with each other on our platform, whether they are in at the live event or at home.


Post-Event Fun

If you stick around an extra day, you can have some fun exploring San Antonio. There's always a group of salty humans who want to milk every minute of their time together, so consider adding an extra day or two. Your spirit will thank you.


Networking and Socializing


Buddies and Matches

Walking into an industry conference where you don't know anyone, or where you'd like to get to know people better, can be intimidating. 

That's why we're continuing the Buddy Program, where "veteran attendees" can pair up with newer in-person attendees to facilitate introductions, answer questions, and offer guidance on how to have the best experience.


Extended Breaks

While we love to share as much great content as possible, part of the magic of the Float Conference is the PEOPLE! 

We build in plenty of breaks and longer meal times so you have a chance to make new friends, get new ideas from other float center owners, and just enjoy being around people who don't ask, "What's floating?"

You'll likely make connections who will become your greatest support network.



We wouldn’t have a Float Conference without parties! We're cooking up some fun plans for our annual Float Con party.

If you can't join us in person, or if you'd like to have a quiet evening socializing from your hotel room, you can join the casual scene on our virtual parties.


Attendees will be able to hop on online at any time to chat with fellow attendees.


Vendors and More


Exciting Vendors

If you attend in-person, you'll have the chance to visit and speak with a plethora of vendors. They are as passionate about the float industry as we are, and without their support, Float Conference wouldn't exist as we know it!

Vendors will also have virtual listings. You can chat with any vendor, whether you're in Portland or online.


Unexpected Shenanigans

You never know what will happen at Float Con. We're serious about floating, but we still know how to have a good time. 

Sometimes sword fights break out on stage, sometimes time travelers visit, sometimes a Search Sloth randomly appears, and sometimes, your cheeks hurt from smiling and your abs ache from laughing so much.


The Best Hugs Ever!

One of the things we repeatedly hear from our attendees is that they're so excited to collect some long overdue hugs!

Of course, things continue to look a little different in light of the pandemic, so we'll do our part to keep everyone safe and healthy, but we know how very much many of us have been aching for floaty hugs. 


Which Experience is Right for You? 


We know this continues to be a difficult time.

That's why we're offering two ways to participate.

Use the information below to compare your options.

In Person

In Person Experience
  • travel to San Antonio, Texas

  • access the schedule and chat with fellow attendees on our online platform

  • watch main stage speakers live

  • attend live Q&A with speakers

  • access to watch recorded sessions

  • participate in live workshops

  • participate in wellness activities
In Person Networking
  • arrange meetings with other attendees

  • option to get paired with a Buddy

  • attend in-person and/or virtual social events
Other In Person Benefits
  • browse sponsor booths or virtual listings

  • receive promotional offers from sponsors

  • schedule one-on-one meetings with sponsors

  • option to purchase Float Con merchandise

  • receive Float Con swag products
  • explore San Antonio

  • collect the world's biggest hugs (if you want)



Virtual Experience

  • attend from anywhere

  • access the schedule and chat with fellow attendees on our online platform

  • watch main stage speakers live

  • attend live or watch recorded sessions

Virtual Networking
  • chat with other attendees

  • attend virtual social events

Other Virtual Benefits
  • browse sponsor virtual listings

  • receive promotional offers from sponsors

  • chat with sponsors

  • option to purchase Float Con merchandise


Image by Chris Montgomery
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