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Travel Information

Venue, Hotel, and Travel Information for
San Antonio, TX


Conference Venue
& Host Hotel

The 2024 Float Conference, as well as our pre-conference workshops, will be held at our host hotel: The San Antonio Marriott Riverwalk.

We've contracted with our host hotel to guarantee a certain number of reservations in exchange for a discounted rate. If you can, please stay here so we can meet this goal!

San Antonio Marriott Riverwalk

889 E. Market Street,

San Antonio, TX, 78205-3901

(210) 223-1000

Float Conference Rate:

$197/night (plus taxes)

(Available until July 15)



Getting to San Antonio

Here are just a few of the ways you can get to the Float Conference

You can:

Getting around San Antonio

There are tons of things to do within walking distance of our host hotel, so bring your walking shoes! There are also transit options like public buses, and Uber. 


We'll be in the San Antonio Riverwalk area, which has so much to do! Not to mention the rest of San Antonio which is packed with sites and adventures. We encourage you to add a few days before or after the conference to explore!

What to Pack
for San Antonio, TX

What To Pack


We can expect the San Antonio weather to be in the 90s with a good chance of humidity. It will likely be hot and sunny!


Because temperatures vary greatly from room to room, we recommend wearing layers to adjust as you need to throughout the day.


Casual or business casual attire may feel most comfortable. Some attendees like to dress up a bit for the Saturday party. 


We try to provide everything you'll need, but you might like to bring a refillable water bottle or coffee cup to refill throughout the event.

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