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Certified Pool Operator Course

August 7, 2024
hosted by Vore & Associates LLC

Pool Supply
  • What is the CPO Certification?
    The Certified Pool/Spa Operator training program was created by the Pool & Hot Tub Association (previously the National Swimming Pool Foundation) in 1972. Many health departments require commercial pools and spas to have a certified staff member, and the CPO training is the most widely accepted certification throughout the United States, Canada, and many other countries. The training will teach you the technical and operational procedures necessary for running a safe pool/spa, as well as the regulations enforcing these safety measures.
  • How is this relevant to float tanks?
    There are many ways that float tanks differ from pools and spas, but there are also many ways they are similar. Both systems measure certain water chemistry (pH, Alkalinity, etc). Both systems use similar equipment (pumps, cartridge filters, etc). The harmful bacteria pools/spas protect swimmers from are very much the same bacteria we’re protecting floaters from. There’s a lot of information covered by the CPO course that is applicable to keeping any shared body of water safe. It’ll also teach you exactly how float tanks are different from pools and spas, and what regulations don’t make sense for a float center. By learning the reasoning behind many of the pool and spa regulations that exist, you’ll have a much easier time working with your local health department. The course itself will be taught by Dr. Roy Vore, who boasts many titles: Float Conference Board Member, tenured Float Conference Speaker, distinguished PHTA Instructor, PHTA Education Committee Member, among others... Roy has an extensive background in microbiology focused on recreational water, including literally writing the book on Recreational Water Illnesses. This course will cover the CPO material, and present information to you in the context of running a float center. Whether you’re just getting your float center started or you’ve been open for years, CPO training is a great extra level of security for both keeping your water safe, and for being able to work with your local health department.
  • Alright, how do I sign up?
    This will be a fusion course, meaning half of it will be completed by you online before the class. The other half will take place at the Conference Venue on the Wednesday before the Conference, from 8 am - 5 pm. The class includes the online course, your textbook and materials, and a certificate upon completion. The certification is valid for 5 years. Register here! For information on virtual training contact Roy at
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