Bus Tour


Join us on Friday of the conference for a tour of local centers. Our 2022 Bus Tour has an extra twist... Portland, ME, style.

Ticket Price: $69


So, What's the Twist?

Each year, we plan a bus tour of the local float centers in whatever city the Conference is in. The twist is typically that we include adult beverages to make your tour experience just a little bit better, but this year's tour has a double twist! 

Not only will we see Float Harder, and two tanks maintained by the residents of a sober living house, but our transportation for this year's Bus Tour will take us from land to sea and back! 

2022 Tour Stops

A Few Notes

1. Out of respect for our first tour location, Foundation House, we will not be drinking at this first stop. You can enjoy local craft brews on the Duck Bus and once you get to Float Harder. 


2. Due to limited seating on the Duck Bus, there are 3 separate start times. Attendees should walk (or catch a ride) to Foundation House, arriving at the scheduled start time. Those on the first tour will have about an hour and a half between their tour and the start of the party at Float Harder, giving you an opportunity to see a bit more of Portland, or get a Float Conference-themed mani/pedi! 



Some ideas of ways to use this time: enjoy a walk around the Back Cove located directly behind Float Harder (make it all the way around the trail system for a full workout, keep it leisurely and walk partway, or detour at Edward Payson Park and take in the green space). Book an appointment at Apsara Nails (right next to Float Harder) for a mani or pedi- and be sure to ask for the Float Conference themed design! Or, take a short walk to grab a smoothie or juice at The Grateful Cup.

Float Harder

Amy and James opened Float Harder in Portland, Maine in the Spring of 2016, 5 years after their first float in Denver, Colorado. Since opening, Float Harder has hosted over 21,000 floats! More importantly, it has donated over $18,000 through its quarterly giving event, Float For Philanthropy, and supported dozens of community events. 

Float Harder has 2 Superior Pods and 2 cabin style Superior Rooms. They also have a ready room, tea, and a lounge for all that post-float bliss. 

Foundation House


Foundation House is not a typical float center, or even open to the public.

Foundation House offers a dignified bridge between primary treatment and living life sober in the real world. They teach residents how to build a life in recovery and to immerse themselves in a sober community that exceeds their expectations. Each resident learns how to function within the group and thrive as an independent self.

As part of their offerings, Foundation House has 2 Royal Spa pods available for the residents. We have a unique opportunity to see a different way to maintain float tanks!

Foundation house Image.jpg

Duck Bus Tour!

As we twist and turn through the Old Port aboard Maine's famous land and sea vehicle, or "Duck", the tour guide will tell you about the legends and lore that have shaped Portland into one of the most historical cities in the nation.

Learn about the places of interest to visit and many little known facts about the city that is nicknamed "The Phoenix." Then, hold onto your tail feathers as we DRIVE into the waters of Casco Bay to view Portland's working waterfront, Calendar Islands, and marine wildlife. This is Maine sightseeing at it's best!

Duck Bus.jpg

4 Reasons to Tour with Us

Get Inspired!

Visiting other float centers can give you a ton of ideas to implement at your own center!


You don't know what you don't know yet. It's an incredible opportunity to learn from other owners.


It's a moving party. We provide some refreshing local beers, as well as non-alcoholic beverages, you provide the good company.

Salty Vibes

Getting to experience the vibe of each different center provides a unique bonding opportunity across the industry.