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Bus Tour


2024 information coming soon!


So, What's the Twist?

Each year, we plan a bus tour of the local float centers in whatever city the Conference is in. The twist is that we include adult beverages to make your tour experience just a little bit better!

2023 Tour Stops

Weightless Float Center

Established in 2015, and co-owned by business partners Chelsea Powers and Greg Ellis (and their dog Ganado), Weightless Float Center was an idea born out of a want for a space to relax in comfort and in peace. Where every guest knows they are in a safe space that's made for them, and that they are free to unwind and disconnect from life's daily grind-- that's why you're here.

Weightless offers flotation therapy (floating/sensory deprivation), infrared sauna, CBD products, and local food and drinks. 


Sukhino Float Center & Salt Cave

"They" said small towns can't supply enough demand for float centers, but Kim and Graham Hannan went for it anyway. The only center in Southern Indiana, Sukhino is an unexpected oasis tucked away out of sight. Sukhino has three Wave float cabins, infrared mat therapy, and a dreamy treehouse-inspired salt cave. 

Kim is heavily involved in the float industry, serving as our current Float Conference President, a co-host on the Art of the Float podcast, the social media director for the Float Research Collective, and the founder of Mindfull Solutions, a marketing and training agency for the float industry. 

A discount code is coming soon for Float Con friends!

Sukhino Suite

Blissful Relaxation

​Nichole and Nick founded Blissful Relaxation with the hopes of bringing the amazing practice of floating to Louisville, KY. Blissful Relaxation is designed to be the ultimate go-to destination for anyone looking for serious relaxation and rejuvenation. We are the only Louisville spa that offers king sized float rooms, a full spectrum infrared sauna, and massages!

If you'd like to schedule a visit with Blissful while you're in town, use the link above to schedule, and use code FLOATCON for $50 floats, $20 Saunas and $25 salt room sessions!


4 Reasons to Tour with Us

Get Inspired!

Visiting other float centers can give you a ton of ideas to implement at your own center!


You don't know what you don't know yet. It's an incredible opportunity to learn from other owners.


It's a moving party. We provide some refreshing local beers, as well as non-alcoholic beverages, you provide the good company.

Salty Vibes

Getting to experience the vibe of each different center provides a unique bonding opportunity across the industry.

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